Program and portfolio management 

to build capability and profit 

Companies are in business to make a profit, not to build elaborate processes. This fundamental principal drives all Macquarie Business Concepts’ consulting engagements. We contend that every dollar spent must contribute more to the bottom line and we are therefore just as likely to recommend simplifying or even eliminating existing processes as we are to suggest more.

Macquarie Business Concepts also believes there is no magic solution applicable to all companies. We do not arrive with a predetermined solution or even a standard assessment tool. Rather, we carefully study your existing culture and project systems, look for waste and rework, and design solutions specifically tailored to your situation.

We do not subscribe to the concept of organizational maturity, which we consider a synonym for bureaucracy. We believe the biggest gains are usually achieved with simple, manual interventions, not expensive computerized systems.

While we recognize specific tasks are necessary to successfully deliver a project, we do not advocate standard roles. Rather, we believe the best results are achieved when people do what they do best, and we therefore recommend roles specifically tailored to specific individuals.


I often get requests from newly-out-of-work project managers I barely know to meet for breakfast or lunch to network. I usually want to respond: “Sorry. You are too late!”

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